Since May 13, 2020 tattooers in Hamburg are allowed to tattoo again. If you had an appointment with me that had to be cancelled due to the corona restrictions I will contact you to reschedule. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact me via e-mail.

Information and rules of conduct during the Corona time at the tattoo studio have been updated. Please read the current post about it.

Risk group
If you belong to the so-called risk group, you should currently not get tattooed, because tattooing weakens the immune system.

Not a risk group
Even if you do not belong to the so-called risk group, you should consider whether you want to weaken your immune system right now.

Sick? Cancel your appointment!
If you feel uncomfortable or sick please let me know as soon as possible. You will of course get a new appointment! If you show up sick, you will lose your deposit and won’t get tattooed.

Contact with sick people? Cancel your appointment!
Even if you don’t show any symptoms yourself, you can still carry the corona virus and infect others. If you knowingly have contact with a sick person, inform me in advance. Then we can postpone your appointment.

Mouth and nose protection
Before you enter the tattoo studio, you should put on a mouth-nose guard (mask) and inform yourself in advance about the proper use of such a guard. During the whole time in the studio the protection may not be removed or manipulated in any other way.

Disinfect hands
Hand disinfection is available at the entrance area of the tattoo studio. Please use it immediately after entering. Nevertheless, the greeting afterwards is more reserved than you might be used to. Please do not take this personally.

No accompanying persons
Come to your appointment alone, because every additional person represents an unnecessary risk.

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