Digitale Illustration eines Kaugummiautomaten.

Get What You Get – Tattoos from the gumball machine

I am now offering tattoos from the gumball machine.

And this is how it works:

All tattoos are randomly selected, you throw 20 cents into the machine, spin it and poof you get your new tattoo design ejected.

The tattoo:

All designs are approximately 8 cm x 8 cm.
Arms, legs and back only.
No changes.
Each design is tattooed only once, and there are no refunds.

At the moment there are the following design clusters: linework tattoos (mainly animals and plants), shoes and wild roses.
 You can choose one design cluster, or all designs will go into the gumball machine.
New design clusters will be added regularly, and I will post them on Instagram.
Drop me a line if there’s a theme you’re interested in.

And this is what your tattoo from the gumball machine will cost you:

One spin: €130 plus 20 cents for the machine
Second try: €20

Here’s what else is important:

To book an appointment, I take a deposit of €40.
Please send me an email to with the subject GWYG.